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Friday, April 4, 2008

Peek In Your Neighbors' Windows Without Getting Arrested

Go on, you know you want to see what's going on in there.

Now you can, by paging through America At Home, a new collection of photos and essays created by two long-time Marin residents who wanted to give the rest of us a glimpse into the private, everyday—and in some cases, unusual—rituals unfolding inside other people's houses:

From the Mother Goose of Mill Valley (see above) who shares her condo with waterfowl to the Wrigley Field neighbors who installed in-home bleachers to watch Chicago Cubs play, the book created by Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt offers a look at what it's like to live in America today. "Wouldn't it be cool if you went up to your grandparents' attic and found a book that showed what home life was like before electricity and the Internet?" asks Mr. Smolan.

In a hundred years, someone will find this book fascinating for the same reason (actually, we already do). In the meantime, at the book's website you can upload your own family photo and make a custom cover for your copy. The book, which retails for $40, sells for $26.40 at Amazon.


Fishneversleep said...

I actually loved Day in the Life of Cyberspace. Ah, but I'm dating myself. Which sounds illegal.

The Mental K said...

Is that a goose watching TV?