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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lost and Found

Our favorite checker was rooting through a baggie of old eyeglasses under the cash register when we were buying our dinner tonight. "Lost and found," she explained. "You'd be amazed at the kinds of things we get."

For instance? "A table cloth," she said. A white one. Not new, not old. Not even just back from the dry cleaners in a cleaning bag. Neatly folded up and placed on a shelf in one of the aisles. She figured someone bought it up the street at the Thrift Store, came into the Market and forgot about it. "It stayed in Lost and Found for 30 days [ed: standard Mill Valley Market Lost & Found policy] and no one claimed it." So another check-out lady took it home.

As our checker-outer put the rest of our stuff in a bag, she laughed her explosive laugh. "I'm waiting for a fur coat," she said.