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Monday, March 31, 2008

Save 30 Percent on Remodel By Shopping Online

We're no psychics, but we suspected it was time to renovate the bathroom the moment the floor collapsed under the toilet. But who wants to pay $3,219.93 for fixtures? Not us. Luckily, we figured out how to get everything for $2,247.05 instead. Here's how:

First, we went to a retail showroom to figure out what we wanted to buy. We wrote down manufacturers' names and model numbers for every fixture (including such unsexy ancillary items as rough valves, shower arms and connection pipes that also were necessary).

Then we went online to do some comparison shopping. Pay dirt. It turned out we could get the same Kohlers Memoirs toilet (yes, the one with the elongated bowl!) for well below the $488.95 list price if we bought it at a site like ($350, and they charge no sales tax if you live outside NY) or ($337.37, with free shipping on orders over $99).

A few clicks of the mouse later, we'd saved $972.88, 30 percent less than if we'd ordered from the showroom. Plus, we avoided whatever heinous surcharge the contractor would have tacked onto the order when he placed it for us.

Downside? If we had to do it over again, we would prepare the neighbors better for the sight of our new toilet, awaiting installation, for all those weeks. Next time we'll definitely put a potted fern in the elongated bowl while it sits on the front porch.

[Photo credit: Gardening-Guy]