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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Missing: One 6BR, $1.875M House In Marin

Marin County's stratospheric home prices are so wildly out of sync with the rest of America that they've caught the eye of New York Times columnist David Leonhardt repeatedly. Last summer, he described how one Mill Valley house sold for $1.4 million without ever officially being put on the market, which he took as a sign back in July that "much of the housing market there seems to be doing just fine."

Today, at breakfast we read that Mr. Leonhardt revisited Marin County, this time to point out how homeowners here are just as pigheaded as everyone else in the country about dropping their asking prices in a falling market. In 2005, the owner of one six-bedroom, $1.875 million house somewhere in Marin, he writes, refused to accept a $1.575 million offer. The last time the would-be buyer (is this him?) checked, the house was still for sale.

Were we the only Marin residents who immediately shrieked, "We can get six bedrooms for $1.875 million?" before leaping from the breakfast table to run to the computer to check the multiple listings?

Sadly, we couldn't find the house listed, so perhaps it went off the market unsold at some point since the last time the would-be buyer checked. Whenever that was. Or maybe the house is still there, lurking among the Novato listings? If anyone knows of a 6 bedroom house for sale in Marin County, please email us ASAP.